A modern fairytale for women (on Tinder)

Girl meets boy. Girl travels the world with boy. Happiness ensues.
Tinder’s ad for the paid version of its dating app, Tinder Plus, follows one woman as she travels to some of the most romantic locations with her new online beau. (…) Dating in the digital age, it is safe to say, is certainly different than what our parents experienced. One minute the heroine’s at a football match in London’s Wembley Stadium, and the next thing you know, she’s in front of the Louvre in Paris.

How Tinder Told the Thoroughly Modern Tale of a Woman Swiping Right Around the World – Ad Week, 17 August 2015

One could wonder whether a girl cannot travel alone without a man around her.
Or, if you want to think positive, whether a girl (or a human being in general?) cannot travel without love.
I personally like the second interpretation better.

The video also aims to combat the perception that Tinder is losing favor with women. “We’ve heard about women having great experiences on Tinder every day,” Guen insists, noting that nearly half the app’s user base is female. “We wanted to amplify this.”
Message received.

How Tinder Told the Thoroughly Modern Tale of a Woman Swiping Right Around the World – Ad Week, 17 August 2015

(Nonethelesse, I’d rather travel without Tinder).



How does it make you feel? Awkward? Embarrassed? Like you’d want to run from the room screaming if someone started talking about their monthly bleed? Now imagine how you’d be feeling if men had periods instead of women. We think it would be pretty different – in six significant ways. 1. The monthly bleed would be a sign of manliness 2. Coming on would be celebrated 3. Periods would be called… periods! 4. Sportsmen would take their periods seriously – very seriously 5. Sanitary items would be a human right 6. Tampon adverts would be turbo-charged

WaterAid – If men had periods

1.25 BILLION WOMEN do NOT have access to a toilet during their period. What if it wasn’t so?

Dream, wonder, discover, dunk and twist

The “wonderfilled” Oreo & the artists

"Play With Oreo", Wonder - March 2015

The “Play With Oreo” campaign, which launched in January, continues this month [March 2015] with a lovely new set of out-of-home ads featuring groovy illustrations from 10 artists.

The artists were given words to play off—functional ones like “dunk” and “twist,” as well as more emotional ones like “dream” and “wonder”—and asked to come up with a scene that brings those words to life. The only requirement was that the scene include a character with the Oreo cookie wafer as the face/head.